Rev. Dr. Royeese Stowe, Senior Pastor



Family: Doogie is my dog and companion. Such a good boy and never mad at me! I have two married sons. Matthew is married to Tiffany and they have 5 children, Hannah, Mattie, Rebekah, Wyatt, and Grant. Marc is married to Christy and they have six children, Canaan, Jordan, Jenna, Chandler, Josh, and Lilly.

How you relax and have fun: I love college football, professional baseball, walking with Doogie, and reading while listening to good music.

Favorite Music: Completely depends on the mood I am in. I love the Eagles anytime.

Favorite Food: Food is not nearly as important to me and fellowship. I will eat anything but beets!

Biblical Character you most identify with and why: I love Paul because he is always struggling with the here and now and yet to come and with law and love and with tradition and a new thought. I probably am more like Peter always putting my foot in my mouth.

Ideal Vacation: I don’t like vacations!

What I like best about Chamblee: The congregation!

The usual stuff (where you went to school, where you have worked, etc. etc): I went to school at DeKalb College for my Associate Degree in Nursing, then to New York University for my Bachelor’s Degree. After that on to Emory University, Candler School of Theology for Master of Divinity, and finally to University of Chicago, McCormick Theological Seminary for my Doctor of Ministry. I worked as a nurse for many years before transitioning into traditional ministry. I love my work and always have. It is fun to go to bed at night knowing that tomorrow you get to “do it again.”


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