Please keep the following in your prayers today and throughout the week.
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Our Members:

  • Neb Shearouse, health issues
  • Nancy Duncan, recovering from a fractured her knee cap
  • Mary Wright, in home hospice care
  • Josh and Sarah Carter, Josh’s grandfather, President Carter, in home hospice care
  • Leonard Salley, recovering in rehab
  • Frank Inman, declining health

Our Loved Ones:

  • Buscia Mamica, Denise Berry’s daughter’s MIL’s mother, declining health with Alzheimer’s
  • David Adams, Ann Hammond’s brother-in-law, battling leukemia, having bone marrow transplant on 4/14
  • Richard Oliver, friend of Denise Berry, suffers with Alzheimer’s and his wife, Marge, is caretaker
  • Nita Hassan, friend of Denise Berry, caring for ill family members in a complicated environment
  • Jon Freese, and their family, friends of Denise Berry, has kidney cancer that has spread throughout his system
  • Jane Anderson, DIL of Steve, having heart valve surgery in April
  • John Blackmon, our percussionist, and his wife Theryn Knight, expecting their first baby 4/6
  • Kyle Sbaratta, friend of Marie and Ross Glover, health issues
  • Otis Farmer, friend of Marie and Ross Glover, battling brain cancer
  • Tommie Jean Stumpe, Robear’s stepmother, diagnosed with dementia and family is working on care options
  • Ken Dickey, son of Fran, recovering from surgery to repair broken leg, Fran is staying with him
  • Barbara Edwards, former CMK teacher, in hospital
  • Charles Lewis McElheney, brother of Edward, our custodian, an amputee suffering with complications of diabetes in FL nursing home
  • Francine Payne, aunt of Sheila Gillispie, fell again and rfactured her hip
  • Elmo Victorio, father of Maggie Victorio-Mundie, recovering in acute care rehab
  • Lila Trammell, Ann Hammond’s granddaughter, upcoming knee and back surgery
  • H.W. Parker, father of Jo Burkhardt, in hospital in Mississippi with several health issues
  • Drake-Arrington Boys, school mates of Travis Gillispie
  • Jean Connell, sister of Eleanor Wilson, having health issues
  • Ruth Ann Hall, SIL of Leslie, in rehab recovering from a stroke
  • Annette Ogletree, friend of Holly Swing, battling 2nd round of breast cancer
  • Connie Mochrie, friend of Jason Sansbury, dealing with a recurrence of cancer
  • Leilani Farkas, great-granddaughter of Bill and Pat, improving at home
  • Melissa Mitchell, cousin of Kathryn Rodriguez, undergoing treatment for brain cancer
  • Ann Howell, friend of Holly Swing, being treated for a rare type of stomach cancer

Ongoing Needs:

  • Bill Thornton, undergoing treatment for pulmonary fibrosis
  • Bruce McCarthy, friend of Kathryn Rodriguez, undergoing treatment for brain cancer
  • Rev. Dr. Justin Tull, dear friend of Ann Hammond, having treatment for brain tumor
  • Joann Gibson, still dealing with anxiety
  • Valarie Engler, future daughter-in-law of Steve Anderson, struggling with dizzy spells and tremors
  • Jess Paik, niece of Marcia Myers, undergoing cancer treatments
  • Jerre Chapman, friend of Holly Swing, battling a rare cancer
  • Ila Nichols, daughter-in-law of Dean Nichols, cancer treatment
  • Linda Schurz, aunt of Marlee Newbill, has a rare form of cancer
  • Ashley Shorter, cousin of Robear Stumpe, cancer treatments