Come Home for Christmas

Advent is an invitation. For many, it is an invitation to get into the Christmas spirit, count down the days to the grand celebration, and let the holiday transform everything around us. Whoa … slow down!

The invitation is not all about “Christmas, the holiday.” Where, at a frenetic pace, we skip ahead to December 25, distracted by shiny tinsel and jingle bells. And, in the end, may wind up feeling a little lost and alone.

Instead, let’s take a pause and usher in Advent as an invitation to “Christmas, the Mass of Christ.” When we celebrate the Incarnate One who comes to remind us that God is with us. We are not, nor are we meant to be, alone.

Advent is an invitation for all of us to Come Home. It is a season of beautiful anticipation. Where people long for PEACE, where we hold on to HOPE, where JOY is found, and where LOVE is the tie that binds us. In essence, where we feel at home.

During this season, Chamblee First invites you to accept the invitation of Advent and Come home for Christmas.

Make Room for Others

Christmas is a time of welcome!  Into your home.  Into your church.  Into your life. The light was in the world,    and the world came into being through the light,        but the..

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“Glory to the newborn King!” A Christmas hymn devotionbased on the hymns of Charles Wesley (1707-1788) For some of us, it just doesn’t feel like Christmas until we hear, “Hark!..


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“And God himself is born:” A Christmas hymn devotion

“And God himself is born,” a Christmas hymn devotionbased on the hymns of Charles Wesley (1707-1788) We begin life remarkably vulnerable. Infants cannot care for themselves but need loving adults..

Savior of the Nations, Come – UMH214

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Born to Set Thy People Free: A Christmas hymn devotionbased on the hymns of Charles Wesley (1707-1788), prolific poet & a leader of the Methodist movement Lines! They’re everywhere this..

PEACE – freedom from disturbances

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