My name is Dennis Muzahuzi, the youth director at CUMC. I am originally from Wairaka village, a small community of about 500 households and nearly 10,000 people. Wairaka community is a semi-urban community in Eastern Uganda, along the lake shores of Nalubale, also known as Lake Victoria.

I have lived in the USA for nine years now and have lived in Atlanta since 2018.  I consider Kalamazoo township in Michigan to be my American hometown because it was my first home when I migrated to the US. I enjoy meeting new people and having good conversations. I also like sports, and I am a big fan of football (known to Americans as soccer). 

I’m excited to work with the youth ministry, an area I have been involved with for most of my church ministry life. I hope you can join us or invite your youth/s to be a part of our fun group!