A curriculum based infant and toddler program centered around God’s creation and Christ’s love.

We provide a healthy and nurturing first-time school experience where children can learn and grow in a loving and caring environment. We focus on all aspects of a child’s development. This includes social adjustment, vocabulary growth, development of motor skills and their spiritual knowledge of God’s love. We accomplish our objectives through the use of learning centers for reading, music, art, outside and inside play. Our unit themes include animal recognition, identifying body parts, colors, holidays, nursery rhymes, bugs, and ocean creatures, as well as spiritual themes such as “God made me!” and “Jesus is born.” Classes are small so teachers can give each child individual attention. Our mission is to offer growth opportunities to prepare each child to be happy and successful in preschool. For more information or to set up a program tour, contact Chrissy Deegan. To pay tuition, click here.
Day Age Online Tuition Cost
Monday 9-11 months $135/month
Wednesday 12-17 months $135/month
Tuesday/Thursday 18-23 months $235/month
Wednesday/Friday 18-23 months $235/month
Friday 12-17 months $135/month