The best way to connect with the Chamblee First community is through a small group. We have plenty of Sunday school opportunities for all people.

Glow Class

One of Chamblee First’s longest-standing classes, lessons are based on the Adult Bible Studies series. Most members are in their 70s or older and they share prayer requests weekly. This class meets on the first floor in Room 123, across from Fellowship Hall.

Faith Class

The Faith Class is one of our largest Sunday school classes. This inter-generational group meets in Room 204. Each Sunday begins with a short devotion by one of the class members followed by a prayer of concerns and praises. Lessons are led by individual class members using selected study material typically spanning four to fourteen weeks. The class supports missions of the church as well as class specific activities.

Journey Class
This casual class studies a wide variety of different curriculum. Come if you’re interested in developing your faith intellectually. The lessons are discussion-based. Most members are nearing or at retirement age. The class meets in Room 205.
Bridge Class
The Bridge Class focuses primarily on relationships. Studies range from discussing popular culture, the news, and books that raise challenging questions. Members of the class range from young families to those with established careers. The class meets in Room 200.
Fellowship Class
The Fellowship Class is true to their name. They spend each week in fellowship and lifting each other up in prayer. This class discusses scripture and sermons from the previous week’s worship. This group meets in Room 207 and is comprised of young professionals.
Children & Youth

Childcare is available for children infant to preschool.

Children and Youth Sunday school classes are divided by age:

  • Kindergarten and above in Room 223
  • Middle & High School in “The Corner”