The Arrival of Joy & Hope
Jo Burkhardt

When each new year begins, it seems Christmas is so far away. Yet, so quickly, here we are again. This time of year brings many emotions. Feelings of excitement, anxiety, joy for some, and heavy hearts for others.  But I pray it brings hope to all.

The secular definition of ADVENT means “the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event.” WOW! That certainly hits a Christian chord.
• Person: Jesus Christ
• Thing: Salvation
• Event: Birth of a King

A new definition for advent should be JOY and HOPE!

Christmas 2018 was a special one for me, as my small but scattered family traveled from far and wide to spend the holiday together with my mother who had become ill. All differences were put aside, and joy was in abundance. As everyone was leaving to return to their homes, my mother said “If this is my last Christmas on earth, then I am so blessed and grateful. It was the best one ever.”. One week later, she was called HOME.

Music has a way of soothing the soul. If you have never listened to the soundtrack from The Preacher’s Wife (Whitney Houston), I highly recommend it and pray it feeds your soul. Most notably: I Love the Lord, Joy, and Joy To The World. Turn up the volume, sing, dance, and rejoice.

Merry Christmas
Jo (& Jake) Burkhardt