Knowing Your Why is empowering and there’s no better time to remember Our Why than Thanksgiving. Chances are every one of us will spend time this long weekend reflecting on the people, things, and experiences for which we are most thankful. I hope your gratitude list includes Chamblee First and you will dedicate a few minutes to scroll through our Celebration of Ministries presentation.  This is a glimpse at just some of the goodness that YOU, as part of the church, bring to our congregation and community.  It is a compilation of Our Why as a church.

We, as Chamblee First, have so much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving, especially the impact of the ministries showcased here. This is Why we commune.  This is Why we witness.  This is Why we serve. This is Why we pray. This is Why we pledge.

Happy Thanksgiving, Chamblee First.  Praise be to God, and to Knowing Our Why!