Please keep the following in your prayers today and throughout the week.
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Our Members:

  • Ian Gatland, moving to an assisted facility in Snellville, closer to his daughter
  • Bill Thornton, recovering from lung transplant surgery
  • Dave Worley, our guitarist, battling liver disease
  • Gayle and Gaylen Ehrig, in memory care unit, Gayle is now under hospice care
  • Steve Anderson, struggling with COPD

Our Family Members:

  • Lila Trammell, granddaughter of Ann Hammond, upcoming knee surgery on 12/12
  • Gwen Knight, MIL of John Blackmon, our drummer, upcoming surgery to remove masses from her back and biopsy
  • Vicki Parker, step-mother of Jo Burkhardt, struggling after her husband’s death
  • Christine Lieber, sister of Pat Farkas, recovering from broken leg
  • Claire Rowell, wife of Jordan and DIL of Jan, recovering from surgery to remove a brain tumor, undergoing treatments 
  • Frances Mathis, mother of Polly Van Duser, at Dunwoody Place for recovery and hospice care
  • David Adams, BIL of Ann Hammond, recovering from bone marrow transplant Vicki Parker, step-mother of Jo Burkhardt, struggling after her husband’s death

Our Loved Ones:

  • Bill Kovach, friend of Steve Anderson, upcoming shoulder and back surgery
  • Rob Staff, friend of Bob Lingle,  undergoing treatment for non-Hodgkins lymphoma
  • John Love, friend of Spencer Scarbrough, fighting a cancerous tumor with treatment in Florida
  • Sherry Stevens, friend of Holly Swing, beginning treatment for inoperable pancreatic cancer
  • Susan Eshback, friend of Holly Swing, kidney transplant surgery delayed due to other conditions
  • Mike Thibodeau, fraternity brother of Bill Farkas, undergoing chemo therapy
  • Judy Friedman, friend of Denise Berry, recovering from kyphoplasty for a crushed vertebrae, and hip replacement

Ongoing Needs:

  • Josh and Sarah Carter, Josh’s grandfather, President Carter, in home hospice care 
  • Tommie Jean Stumpe, Robear’s stepmother, struggling with dementia 
  • Jean Connell, sister of Eleanor Wilson, declining health 
  • Bruce McCarthy, friend of Kathryn Rodriguez, undergoing treatment for brain cancer
  • Rev. Dr. Justin Tull, dear friend of Ann Hammond, having treatment for brain tumor
  • Joann Gibson,  dealing with anxiety 
  • Valarie Engler, future daughter-in-law of Steve Anderson
  • Jess Paik,  niece of Marcia Myers, undergoing cancer treatments
  • Jerre Chapman, friend of Holly Swing, battling a rare cancer
  • Ila Nichols, daughter-in-law of Dean Nichols, cancer treatment
  • Ashley Shorter, cousin of Robear Stumpe, cancer treatments
  • Marge Anderson, friend of Denise Berry, caring for her husband, Richard who suffers from Alzheimers’ Disease
  • Ben Noyd, grandson of former CMK teacher Mary Joseph, 3 yr. old battling  eosinophilic cystitis (son of Sam Noyd)
  • Ashley Berfield, neighbors of Jan Rowell, diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer
  • Drake-Arrington Boys, school mates of Travis Gillispie
  • Jane Anderson, DIL of Steve, awaiting heart surgery

Our Christian Sympathy to:

  • Linda Schurz, aunt of Marlee Newbill, who passed away on 11/29 after a long battle with cancer

Congratulations to:

  • Mark Winne, on the birth of his first granddaughter, Kate (Parents are Matt and Hannah.) Kate is a perfect angel, just like her namesake.