By Eric Lee, 4.9.22
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The Egg Hunt is today and Palm Sunday is tomorrow. What a wonderful and powerful season! Hundreds of kids will clear thousands of eggs off the front lawn of the church in a matter of minutes today. It really is a sight to behold. As we begin Holy Week, may we all look as intently and earnestly for the Christ as our kids do for the eggs. Could you imagine hundreds of us searching like that for the presence and power of Christ in our own hearts, homes, and community? Jesus encouraged us to this when he told his disciples to seek God’s kingdom first and foremost in their lives (Matthew 6:33) and reassured them that in doing so, everything else would find its proper place. Watch a child hunt an Easter egg this year, if you are able, and see how they don’t worry about anything else. They are laster focused on filling their basket. Fill your basket with the evidence of God’s goodness, blessings, and invitation to participate in God’s kingdom. Take every opportunity to celebrate, give thanks, share, serve, love, and forgive. As we all do that together, God changes the world, one discovered blessing at a time.