By Jacob Hinckley, 4.11.22
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Every year we hear the stories of Jesus riding a donkey into Jerusalem and the last supper. We know them well enough that we can hear the crowd shouting praises at Jesus as they lay garments and branches ahead of him. We can taste the bread and wine as we remember Jesus’ body and blood he sacrificed for us. But, that’s not something I’m wanting to reflect on today. Today I want look at the prep work that went into these events… exciting, I know.

In the verses immediately preceding these events (Mark 11:1-6 and 14:12-16), Jesus sends two disciples ahead of him with precise instructions on what to do. Before Jesus rode a donkey into town, he needed a donkey. So, Jesus sent two of his disciples ahead of the group to find one. Crazily (or not so crazy if you’ve been paying attention to Jesus’ ministry), Jesus tells them exactly where to find a donkey and what to say if they get questioned about taking it, which they did. Prior to the last supper, Jesus again sent two disciples into Jerusalem to prepare everything; verse 16 says that the disciples “found everything just as Jesus had said.”

I enjoy these two passages for a couple of reasons:
1) They exhibit Jesus’ knowledge of events that need to happen, and, maybe more importantly, he prepares the two disciples for exactly what to expect. This is just another example in scripture of why we can trust what Jesus tells us.
2) Jesus sends two disciples both times. I find comfort in this detail because it tells me that Jesus doesn’t ask us to do things alone. He will send someone with us, whether it be another person or the Holy Spirit. There is comfort in knowing we are never alone and never asked to go it alone.

As we go through Holy Week, take time to thank Jesus for his preparation and for sending others to help us as we continue his ministry.