By Holly Swing, 4.7.22
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Lent changed my life … even though I didn’t know very much about Lent. I just know that a dear friend challenged me to let go – not just for a time – to let go of something I never wanted back. Never wanted back.

For me, that’s fear. Fear keeps me from doing lots of things … but this time was different and I didn’t want to waste the moment. I truly felt that God was with me urging me forward. And that, whatever the result, it would be the result it needed to be. And, acting on that … changed my life.

And my prayer …
Dear God,
Remind me in this season of Lent to lift my eyes – to look beyond the troubles and know that you are there to guide my step and hold me close. And when lifting my eyes seems too difficult, cup my chin gently and raise my face to yours, from this time on and forevermore.