Letter from
Lay Leader, Leslie Hall

Greetings church family! At the June Administrative Board meeting we heard about many pressing challenges facing this church. Staffing changes, financial concerns, and items we must address related to our property. We also heard about ministries and activities that continue to happen that require the commitment and engagement of people and resources. I must admit that it can be a bit overwhelming participating in so many administrative meetings – sometimes it feels like all we hear about are the things that are going wrong! 

I am currently participating in a training course as part of my Lay Servant certification. One of the things we read about this week has to do with faithfully remembering when things are not going so well or when the equilibrium in our lives is thrown off kilter. Faithfully remembering has to do with reflecting on and remembering how God has provided in times of difficulty or challenge in the past. It is remembering that no matter what, God is present with us and wants us all, individually and collectively, to believe that He can and will provide and guide us. 

When we join a United Methodist congregation, we vow to support the church with our prayers, our presence, our gifts, our service, and our witness. Last Sunday Rev. Dr. Lee reminded us of these vows and how important it is for us to show up, to be present for each other and to find ways to be partners in our ministry. As we “come out of” this pandemic and begin a new future, I think it is a good time for us to revisit and recommit to those vows. Will you acknowledge and recommit to the vows you made when you joined this congregation?

  • Prayer – We need you to pray for the church! Be in prayer for our pastors, staff, leadership, and congregation members. Pray as we seek God’s plan for our church.
  • Presence – We need you to show up! We need you to be present in worship and in other events and activities the church sponsors. Not so we can show a good headcount, but so we can be in relationship with each other and God. We have been blessed to have had many visitors attending our worship services lately – make a commitment to reach out and build a relationship with someone you do not know.
  • Gifts – We need you to share your gifts. Now, gifts can encompass many things such as talent, skills, money, or time. At this moment in time, we are especially in need of financial gifts in order to continue supporting our ministry. We currently find ourselves behind in our gifts of tithes and offerings, so I ask you to prayerfully consider giving to your church now. I encourage you to be in prayer about how you can best share and use your gifts.
  • Service – We need you in service! We need you involved in the service of others. Ministry requires people! There are many ways to get involved in ministry. Maybe you have an idea for ministry, then talk to a pastor, staff member, or church leader and make things happen!
  • Witness – Through all of the above we witness to others inside and outside the church. It is through our relationships that we share the Good News of Jesus Christ and plant seeds in the making of disciples for Christ.  

I want to encourage you to seriously consider recommitting to your vows to the church as we move forward. We have some discernment and building to do as we determine our next steps and we need everyone’s engagement. We need all of you involved through your prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness. Remember what God has done for us and generations before us and know that God is present with us!

Leslie Hall, Lay Leader