By Susan Montgomery, 3.5.22
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Psalm 23 has always been my favorite passage in the Bible. For thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. In June 2021, the day before my mother was to have four knuckles replaced on her left hand, the doctor called to tell me I had breast cancer. What, me? How could this be? I cried, I worried, I wondered if I would see my grandchildren grow up. But it turned out that I had caught it very early through regular mammograms, and with surgery and radiation, I could get rid of it. No chemo. No reconstruction. All good news considering. I hired someone to care for mom during her recovery and started on my own journey. In the four months while I was going through treatment and recovery, my church family continually reached out to me and prayed for us. I received cards, emails and text messages from so many church friends. Though my husband is a great cook, we welcomed the break to have several delicious meals delivered to us. Church friends went to visit my mom and sent her cards. We were so overwhelmed with the love, support and prayers of our church family. I surely felt Jesus walking by my side in the actions of my Chamblee First United Methodist Church family. After receiving so many cards, I am now sending more cards to people I know that are on our prayer list. This year I learned how comforting it is to know you are being lifted up in prayer.