By Erin and Jay Smith, 3.10.22
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We have had to put a lot of faith in what God had planned for us beginning early in our relationship with each other and in our relationship together with God. It wasn’t too long after we met in Memphis and started a relationship together that God showed us his plans were bigger than our own.

After meeting in Memphis, Jay’s job transferred him to North Carolina. The offer came with little time to decide and with Jay starting travel the next week. We were immediately met with a challenge to discern what we felt our call was – for ourselves and for how we saw our relationship together. Together, we chose to move and trust in the Lord.

Once in North Carolina, it was clear that we were living God’s plan for us, and we were blessed immensely with engagement, marriage, and more time with family. Within just two years though, we were met with seemingly the same challenges and another opportunity to discern our divine plan as COVID began, and Jay was laid off. This time, though, the path set before us was longer, involving much more trust and patience. Through much prayer, and as pieces of our plan were revealed to us, it was clear that we were being called to Atlanta.

Discerning God’s call is never easy, but we have found that by strengthening our relationship with God and with each other, it is easier to hear the call and then follow it. God’s timing for the blessings and challenges presented in our lives are bigger than anything we could imagine for ourselves, and we have found that by answering our call, we have received blessings beyond measure.

Where has God called you?
Proverbs 3: 1-12