By Emily Jameson, 3.11.22
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In my Parents’ Morning Out class, we enjoy teaching the children the song “Jesus Loves the Little Ones Like Me, Me, Me.” Their eyes light up as they point to themselves and then pat their knees as we sing about how “little ones like me sat upon His knee.” Most of the children aren’t even old enough to sing these words yet, but as I sing them, I am reminded of a few key aspects of Jesus’ love:

1) His love is personal. He loves ME as I am, with my strengths, weaknesses, abilities, and shortcomings.
2) He loves the vulnerable. The “little ones” who can’t even form full sentences of praise are special to Him, as are all those in the world who feel unimportant, unlovable, unseen, and unheard.
3) His love is intimate and comforting. Knowing Jesus doesn’t just mean knowing about Him in the abstract or from a distance. Instead, we “sit upon His knee”—held tight, nurtured, and protected. He knows us intimately and speaks to us quietly, directly. We can speak to Him honestly, not because He needs to know what’s on our hearts, but because we need to tell Him.

I hope and pray that I will continue to grow in my mental and spiritual understanding of Jesus throughout my life, but that I will never forget how blessed I am to point proudly to myself and claim that “Jesus loves the little ones like me.”