By Ian Gatland, 3.15.22
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When I was young I was told that there was a conflict between science and religion. I
was interested in science and studied it. But we were a church family so I heard the
Bible stories. Actually, the Youth Fellowship at our church had a great influence on my

Science is precise and logical. But sometimes appears illogical. Our atmosphere consists
of oxygen and nitrogen. Both are necessary for life, vegetable life as well as animal life.
Logically the heavier gas should be a layer at ground level and the lighter gas should be
a layer way up on top. Oxygen and nitrogen have very different chemical properties but
almost the same weight, allowing them to mix easily. So we have winds and storms to
provide the mixture needed. Thank God.

From this feature and many others, it appears that God’s creation is more complicated
than we might expect. We use science, but it is faith that guides our daily lives. So for
Lent, I will look for new ways to be kind. (But I will still pursue my scientific studies.)