I have been encouraged by the people of Chamblee First in the past few weeks. They have been stepping out in faith. Folks have been willing to take a little risk to see what the Holy Spirit would do. Two groups come to mind immediately. The first is the group that showed up for Disc Golf Church. There were church members who had no disc golf experience, and there were disc golfers who had never been to our church. The second group was a pair of people from the missions committee who served at Malachi’s Storehouse on Wednesday. I challenged everyone on the committee to volunteer once a year. Malachi’s Storehouse is one of our community partners in mission, and I believe both groups are blessed by serving together. These faithful disciples remind me of the story we read in Matthew 14:25-33. The twelve disciples have gone out to sea and Jesus catches up with them by walking on water. In an attempt to really know Jesus, we read that “Peter got out of the boat, started walking on water, and came toward Jesus.” (Matthew 14:29) Peter was taking a little risk to see what the Holy Spirit would do. He walked on water. Disc golfers took a little risk. Malachi volunteers took a risk. They saw what the Holy Spirit can do. Where is God calling Chamblee First to step out in faith? What risk are you going to take to follow Jesus? The Holy Spirit won’t let you down. God Bless, Rev. Rogers

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