One on One with CFUMC Member, Cameron Wilson

How long have you been a member/involved at CFUMC?
I cannot put an exact date to how long my family and I have been involved with CFUMC, and I don’t remember the exact date we joined the church. We were initially connected to the church through Mark and Kate Winnie – I believe Mark invited my older brothers to play basketball at CFUMC. Later, I began to play basketball at Chamblee when I was seven years old. I got baptized by Reverend Royeese around 10 years old, but I don’t remember the exact dates. So the baptism was most likely around 2009.

What is your most memorable event/activity that you have participated in at the church?
The most memorable event was when Reverend Royeese baptized me. As I mentioned, I was around the age of 10 – I remember kneeling at the altar and having her sprinkle the Holy Water on my head. I remember loved ones and people I looked up to walking up from the congregation to stand around me in support. I remember Mr. Winnie standing at the pulpit and eventually giving me my first Bible as a gift. 

Another memorable moment was when my dad and I wrote our names in sharpie on the church floor. We always sat in the pews on the right side of the congregation close to where the youth group would always sit. When the sanctuary was undergoing a renovation, there was a period of time when services were held in the Fellowship Hall. Before they laid the new carpet, they let us write our names (and maybe also a prayer) on the ground beneath the carpet. My dad and I both wrote our names and prayers right where we used to always sit.  

What is your favorite thing about this church? What about this church makes you want to be a part it?
My favorite part of this church is that it feels like home, and the people are the ones that make it feel like home. I’ve been in other Christian circles where I felt much more tense because of the fear-based theology and somewhat exclusive feel to the environment. But CFUMC has always felt welcoming and like a warm home. I’ve felt very supported by the older and wiser people that I’ve known for many years from going to church at CFUMC. 

What person at the church most influenced you coming to this church?
Mark Winnie was definitely the most influential person in getting my family and I to come to CFUMC, as he was the one who invited us. Reverend Royeese was the one who inspired our family to stay because of her inspirational and awesome sermons – she had a way of connecting with the congregation through stories and the Bible with current everyday life.

What is one thing about our church that you cherish?
I love and appreciate our pipe organ. Mr. Callaway’s playing is one of my favorite parts of the service – his ability to start a song softly and finish with a strong, powerful and moving grandeur is one of the times when I feel most connected, spiritually, during the service.

If you had one dream for this church, what would it be?
My dream for CFUMC is that it can be a resource for those living in dire situations and a welcoming, safe haven for all those who feel lost, lonely and on the outskirts of society (and for everyone in general), mirroring the life and love of Christ.

What is your greatest accomplishment outside the church?
My greatest accomplishment outside of church is having learned and continuing to learn Spanish because of the amount of years and support from loved ones that was necessary. If it weren’t for my parents encouraging me to study abroad in Argentina and live in Spain, I wouldn’t have the same Spanish-speaking abilities. If it weren’t for my host mom in Argentina always speaking to me in Spanish and correcting me nicely, I wouldn’t have the same abilities. And there are many more people, professors, and friends that all helped me get to where I am with Spanish today.

Any other fun facts we should know about you?
I love basketball, racquet sports, running on trails, banana bread, Coldplay and 70’s soft rock, traveling, speaking Spanish, Goldberg’s brunch on the weekends, looking forward to a get-together with friends on a Friday night, and meeting new friends.

Cameron has also launched new group at Chamblee Methodists, giving Young Adults an opportunity to grow in community together — whether enjoying a meal, reading a book, discussing films, engaging in conversation, or simply supporting one another in faith. “Let’s get together and learn how to listen for God’s persistent voice while walking confidently and fully into all He has planned for us.” Reach out to Cameron at for info and meeting times