By Ray Dunahoo, 4.5.22
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We have now entered the Season of Lent. A time to take stock, look back, look forward, have questions, and hopefully recommit our Christian Journey. My question—Why did God and Jesus feel the need to come and live on earth? Why not just send a text or email message telling us to love God and love our neighbor? Perhaps with God’s all-knowing He knew that message would simply pass over the heads of we frivolous Christians. So Jesus came to demonstrate a way of life for us to follow (i.e. a road map).

What talents qualified the twelve to become apostles? We read in scripture that Jesus told Peter he would become the leader for the future Christian movement and, likewise, we read what contributions John and a few others would give to the church. But what about the other apostles whose actions are not recorded in the New Testament? While not documented, I feel sure they continued their work for Jesus.

We have seen the talents (with resulting actions) of many Christians past and present—some in our church. Yet there are many who, through faith and resulting love, use their talent to plant seeds for God’s Kingdom that we may not see. Maybe Jesus came to Earth to demonstrate how we can all use our talents in our Christian walk whether it is seen or unseen by others.

The Pandemic has given us an excuse to abandon our daily walk for Christ. Maybe we have become too comfortable in our isolation where others cannot see how we choose to use or not use our talents. I believe it is time for our church to collectively commit to use our talents this Lent as we plan our future and continue to “make disciples for Jesus.” While we stand firm on our beliefs, we must accept change as we work together for God’s Kingdom.